Yet another, Hello world!


So here it is. What I intend to be my final personal blog. I’ve had lots of them, even before somebody had coined the term “blog” I had one. I’ve used WBS, Geocities, Greymatter, MovableType, WordPress, Tumblr, Jekyll and many others. I’ve decided to host my own blog again and to come back to WordPress.

My writing is far from brilliant but if you can overlook the ropey grammar and malformed sentences then you might glean a few nuggets from here. I doubt I’ll have many readers but to be blunt, this is not really for anybody else. Anything I write here is more than likely for my own personal reference and beyond that simply to mentally unburden.

I’m back using WordPress because it has the less impediments to actually getting something published, when I have time this blog will look and function very differently but for now it’s using a free theme (the one I hated least out of all those I tried).